RLDP Methodology

What is the methodology of the RLDP?

Multiracial church pastors, denomination and religious association leaders, and congregants of multiracial churches are participating in this study. They represent a diversity of racial and ethnic backgrounds and are associated with a variety of Christian denominations and affiliations within conservative Protestantism, mainline Protestantism, and Catholicism.

The RLDP has a multi-method research design.

  • Interviews with Pastors
    We are conducting interviews with pastors from across the nation to address how they uniquely handle their positions as leaders of multiracial churches. Interviews will address the backgrounds, resources, experiences, beliefs, values, and leadership strategies of multiracial church pastors.

  • Interviews with Denomination/Religious Association Leaders
    We are conducting interviews with leaders of denominations and religious associations. These leaders, particularly those who work in multicultural ministry, are really important for pastors of multiracial churches. They often provide pastors in their organizations with necessary support, direction, and resources.

  • Interviews with Congregants
    Leaders depend upon their followers. A key part to understanding the leadership of multiracial churches is understanding the views and experiences of the people they lead. So, we are speaking with congregants of the churches of a select number of head clergy in the study as well.

  • Surveys
    We are collecting survey data on the congregations of participating head clergy. We are also surveying congregants who attend the churches of a select number of participating head clergy about their religious and social views and experiences.